photo of entrance to the Durham emergency room

Save the Durham Hospital

We are dedicated to maintaining our hospital services

Our team of community stakeholders are committed to keeping the Durham Hospital open, ensuring beds remain in Durham and the ER remains open sufficient to meet community needs.

Support our Cause

By donating to Save Durham Hospital, you contribute to the improvement of healthcare services for everyone in our community.

What can I do?

Show your support to our Durham Hospital by taking part in letter writing, petitions and events.

Stay Informed

Keep informed via information released by the Save the Durham Hospital committee and news releases. This link will take you to the FaceBook page of Save the Durham Hospital.

About Save the Durham Hospital

Save the Durham Hospital is a non-profit group of concerned citizens dedicated to maintaining healthcare services for our community. We believe that access to quality healthcare is essential and should be accessible close to home.

Save the Durham Hospital is dedicated to voicing the concerns of our community and fighting to retain the inpatient beds in the Durham Hospital and having Emergency Department services available 24/7 to meet the needs of our community. We believe everyone deserves access to high-quality healthcare, regardless of the sociodemographic characteristics. (financial status, age, ethnicity, income, etc.)

Statement from South Bruce Grey Health Centre

Save the Durham Hospital